Silverfish are named by the silvery scales their bodies are covered with.

The Gray Silverfish is common in our area, hiding by day in tight cracks or crevices.  They are found throughout your home, but you will not find them outdoors.  They roam quite a distance while searching for food and once found, stay close to that area.  They breed in areas like wall voids, in/under subflooring, attics, etc.  Heat ducts and ventilators from the basement serve as avenues for widespread infestation.  They can survive well in dry and moist conditions and for weeks without food or water.

They feed on carbohydrates and proteins of plant and animal origin, wheat flour and beef extract when used as a paste on paper, prefer papers of high chemical pulp content such as onion skin, cleansing tissue, cellophane.  The readily eat artificial silk, linen, rayon, lisle and cotton.  Linen is their favorite.

We have personally located the source of the problem in old books.