Pavement Ants

These ants understandably get their name from the location where they nest.  You will find them within cracks in pavement.  So you will always see them on your paved driveways and walkways.

Not a lot has been studied on this ant.  What is known is that their colonies average 3,000-4,000 with multiple queens.  You will find the winged reproductives outside in June and July.  As for locations inside, you can find them all year around.  They develop from egg to adult in anywhere from 36 to 63 days.

When you find them outside, their locations will be under stones, in cracks in pavement or next to buildings.

As for inside, these ants will travel from the outside through cracks in the concrete slabs and walls, slab expansion joints and any natural openings of buildings.  Inside your home their nesting locations will be in walls, insulation, under floors, but most likely found in ground-level masonry walls.  In the winter months they will be found near some heat source.

Their diet consists of most everything.  Insects, honeydew, seeds, plant sap and household foods; which includes nuts, cheese, honey, bread and especially meats and grease.

Pavement Ants