100% Customer Satisfaction Goal

We stand behind our service to you.  We will pursue your pest problems until they are eliminated.  If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance, we welcome your comments and would appreciate the opportunity to see if we can rectify any issues.

Effective Control with Minimal Chemicals

Angeles Pest Control uses the least toxic, most effective chemicals that are on the market using the latest technology.  Our goal is to effectively control your pests with as minimal amount of chemical as possible, placed in the most optimum locations.  We want to reduce the amount of chemical in your environment, inside and outside.  It is safer for you, your family and the world we all live in.

We Don't Waste Our Time or Your Money by Spraying During the Dormant Winter Season

Our company has always had and will always have the policy of not spraying preventively during the dormant winter season.  If active infestations, for example, Odorous House Ant colonies and Flea infestations that are active during the winter months will, of course, be treated.  We also feel that it is irresponsible to put chemical out in the environment unnecessarily.

No Interior Spray Inside Home With Expecting Mother or Baby Six Months Old or Younger

It has always been the policy of Angeles Pest Control to NOT spray the interior of a home with an expectant mom OR a baby 6 months or younger.  This is not a requirement of the government nor is it on the labeling of the chemical products we use.  It is a very cautious stand that we take in the protection of your children. 

  • If a mom insists on treatment, we require her doctor's OK and that usually involves that she be gone during the treatment and a couple of days following.

     We consider it a privilege to serve you and hope that you will give us the opportunity to do so.

Our Policies