Purpose of Our Website

Our desire is that you will look here in our website for answers to questions or concerns you might have concerning insects and the types of services we offer.  More often than not this is where you will find your answers.  It will probably be faster than waiting for a return call from Guy that night; especially if it is during June - August, the busiest time of our season.  When the weather gets warmer, the bugs get more active.

While other areas of our country and world might have very interesting bugs and insects, our only concern for our clients are the ones that will concern them in protecting their homes here in the Pacific Northwest.  Therefore, information on insects that pertain to our location will be the only ones available on our website.

Feel free to contact us at (360) 452-1727 if you need any further information than the website provides, if you need to schedule an appointment for service or if you would just prefer talking to a real person to answer your questions.  We are more than happy to serve you.

Purpose of Our Website