Rodents, in particular Rats, have become a growing problem.  Our rodent calls have increased significantly in the last few years.  We have just this past year decided to get involved in providing rodent exclusion. 

Our Rodent process is to first do a complete rodent inspection.  The goal is to find all entry points where the rodents are getting into your home.  After finding them we repair the problem areas.  When all repairs are completed, we trap until no more remain.  Trapping usually only lasts for a month or two and then we are done. 

It is not inexpensive to deal with the rodents, but it is by far cheaper than to wait until they have done a lot of damage.

Learn about the various rodents in our area by clicking on the dropdown list.  There you will find details about them including where you will usually find them and signs you will see that indicate that they are there.