Restricted Use Chemicals

There are some of you out there who have some chemicals hanging around your property that are dangerous.  Some of them might be on the restricted use list.  

One of the reasons these chemicals are on that list is because when applied, they may never go away.  That means they will never breakdown.  Some of them are carcinogens.  They may also be unstable in the environment.  In other words, most of them are extremely dangerous and should be properly disposed of.  

There is a website that will give you an extensive list of those chemicals which are on the 2003 Federally Registered Restricted Use Pesticides list, including ones which have been dropped from the list because their products have been cancelled.  Just because they have been cancelled does not mean that you don't have them at your property.  We have clients who have stored these chemicals for years before they were cancelled and a few have used Chlordane.  
Not a good idea! 
Restricted Use Chemicals