Carpenter Ant Treatment

How We Control Carpenter Ants

Initial treatment:  Locating and eliminating the existing nests within the house.  Chemically treat the attic and subarea if necessary.  Spray interior crack and crevice and exterior foundation perimeter.  

Maintenance Spray for Carpenter Ants

4 Exterior Perimeter Sprays

     Every two months during the active months of March-October – NOT quarterly!

  • Springtime Spray:  Perimeter foundation
  • Summertime Sprays (2):  Perimeter spray where ants frequently travel
  • Fall Time Spray:  Foundation spray to carry your home through the winter months

Purposes of a Maintenance Spray

  1. Keep a barrier around the structure for control of pests
  2. Reduce spiders -- Does not necessarily eliminate all spiders
  3. Monitor pest problems


Carpenter Ant Pre-Treatment

Pre-treatment is for New Construction

The interior wall voids are power sprayed with Tim-Bor.  This is a once in the lifetime opportunity to protect your house against pests and the timing is crucial.  That time is . . .  prior to the insulation of the walls and sheetrock being hung.

If there is an attic space, this area is dusted after the sheetrock is installed and before the insulation is blown into the attic.

This treatment is an excellent non-toxic way to protect your house from carpenter ants, anobiid beetles and termites. It is also a wood preservative and a fire retardant. Tim-Bor is odorless and lasts a lifetime as long as moisture is never introduced into the structure.

Contractors, please be aware, some of our clients have been unhappy that they were not made aware of the overwhelming battle with carpenter ants in our area.  Please offer them the choice to pre-treat their new home.  Whether you contact us or chose another company, don't let this chance pass them by.  Once the insulation is installed, it is too late.  I am not aware of the charges with other companies, but through us, it is not that expensive for the protection that it provides.  The fact that something could have been done during construction that would have had a major effect on the carpenter ants, leaves them disappointed with their contractor because he failed to notify them.  I say this because that is what we have found to be true.


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Carpenter Ant Treatment