Deer Mouse

Deer mice are usually found in rural summer vacation outbuildings and shed type structures as well as suburban homes located near wooded areas.

Deer mice differ from field mice by having a white underside to the tail.  Deer mice are nocturnal.  Outdoors they nest in tree hollows, log piles and animal burrows.  Inside they nest in storage boxes, stuffed furniture, wall voids or in tight places in basements and attics.

These mice are of medical concern because they are the primary carrier of hantavirus, which causes HPS (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome).  If you decide to handle the removal of the deer mouse yourself, you must use the following safety precautions:

   1.  Wear a respirator equipped with a hepa filter.

   2.  Use rubber gloves and after use, disinfect the gloves BEFORE removing them.

   3.  Disinfect any droppings with a light spray of bleach solution BEFORE removal with a vacuum.  The purpose is to kill any bacteria and keep any dust out of the air.

   4.  The vacuum must be equipped with a hepa filter.

Deer Mouse