Anobiid Beetles

     Anobiid Beetle Treatment Consists of all exposed wood in the substructure is power sprayed with Tim-Bor, which is a borate (boric acid).

     Prior to the treatment all insulation must be removed and a vapor barrier installed if one is not already put down.  All bare ground must be covered to prevent future moisture conditions to occur.

     These beetles can only exist if the moisture level in your subarea reaches approximately 17-19%.  Heavily infested timbers should be removed and replaced as the structural integrity of the wood is greatly reduced by serious infestation.

     A contractor should be contacted to make a recommendation for repairs.  After the treatment, all insulation must be replaced or reinstalled sometime once the chemical is dry.

     It could take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to dry.  Leave foundation vents open year round.  Their purpose is to reduce moisture levels by airflow throughout the subarea, when closed moisture levels increase.  The myth is that closing them will reduce the cold and increase the warmth of your home, which is not true.

Anobiid Beetles