A glimpse of who we are... 

     Guy had been a commercial salmon troller and halibut longliner for 22 years, the first 10 years were spent on the coast of Washington and the last 12 years were spent in Southeast Alaska.  Just starting out in the fishing industry, he and his brother Allen at the ages of 13 and 11 were deckhands on charter boats in Westport, Washington. 

     After deckhanding for three years they purchased their first boat and went fishing together.  In time they each had their own boats and they were off.  Guy misses some aspects of fishing, but appreciates the stability of pest control and the close connection to family.

     During those fishing years we also trucked in the winter, hauling gillnet caught salmon up the canal and transporting sea urchins from our coast to Vancouver, BC.  Both of us shared in the driving of our flatbed truck and trailer.  During the last couple of years prior to purchasing Angeles Pest Control, Shirley was also a school bus driver.

     When the opportunity came along to purchase Angeles Pest Control we took it.  The company was just the two of us until 2005 when our son Joel joined us.  We have grown since then and now have two additional technicians, Sean and Connan. 

     Hopefully now you will feel that you know who we are a little better!