Apply for a Job

We are currently hiring. If you are interested, print out the questionnaire below and answer all the questions.

Please include it with your resume.  Mail, DO NOT Email, them both to:


     Angeles Pest Control

     P O Box 1292

     Port Angeles, WA   98362


     Note:  Licenses are not required prior to application but would be preferred.  


General Application Questionnaire


Name:  _______________________________________________________________________


Cell Telephone:  ________________________________________________________________


Best Time to Contact You:  _______________________________________________________


Email Address:  ________________________________________________________________


Do you live in Port Angeles?  ______________________________________________________


Can you pass a background check?  ________________________________________________


Can you pass a drug test?  _______________________________________________________


Do you have a clean Driver's record?  _______________________________________________


Are you capable of working on roofs and in tight crawl spaces?  __________________________


Are you willing to work with pesticides and rodents?  ___________________________________


Do you have any experience dealing with the public?  If so, What?_________________________



Have you been working during the last 18 months?  If not, Why?  ________________________



Do you have a WSDA Structural Pest Inspector's license?  ________________________________